Nano Balm Smart Lux

Nano Balm Smart Lux
SMART LUX - A new product besides everything that Nanobalms give is aimed at increasing energy and strength!

Plus it is more focused on mental Health. Relieves emotional stress, calms the nerves, a person becomes balanced. Sleep, natural biorhythm comes back to normal.

Interaction with other people

Memory improves, a person becomes cheerful, the world becomes more beautiful and brighter


Nano-balsams contain water-soluble ubiquinone (coenzyme Q10), without which not a single cell in the body can live, the lack of which, first of all, "hits" in the vessels (the cause of heart attacks, strokes, varicose veins, etc.), causes  organ aging, sagging (apotosis) of tissues and wrinkles.


  • Improvements and assistance for better circulation of the roll brain;
  • Relief of inflammatory processes;
  • Antiseptic action;
  • Protection against bacterial and viral infections;
  • Disinfection and healing of injuries;
  • Restoration of cartilage tissue, joints;
  • Improving the espection;
  • Anti-spasmodic action;
  • Antiparasitic effect;
  • Improved bile;
  • Increased activity;
  • Increased sex drive and erectile function;
  • Restoration of the menstrual cycle;
  • Renewal of liver cells;
  • Decreased body temperature;
  • Strengthening immunity;
  • A general improvement in well-being, a surge of strength and vitality.
Indications for use:
  • Weakening of the immune system (susceptibility to infections / long recovery process);
  • Inflammatory processes in the mouth and throat;
  • Respiratory system (sleepiness, pleurisy, acute respiratory infections, asthma / bronchitis);
  • Immunity support in case of infections (flu, tonsillitis, ARVI, ribberculosis).
  • Gastrointestinal tract (digestive disorders, infections and parasitic infestation / gastritis, stomach ulcer, flatulence, constipation, colic / intestinal obstruction);
  • Endocrine system (diabetes mellitus, thyroid dysfunction);
  • The cardiovascular system;
  • Liver (hepatitis, functional disorders);
  • Skin (ulcers, sprays, boils, mechanical damage);
  • Cytavas and nerve endings (radiculitis, gout);  as well as improvements in
  • Genitourinary and Reproductive: In women (infertility, menstrual irregularities / infections);
  • In men (erectile dysfunction / prostate adenoma / prostatitis / poor sperm motility.

Nano Balm Smart Lux