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Products recommended by the International Institute of Gerontology

These are unique products, which include 189 components: of which only 40 algae, 4 species of Ginseng (including "Red Korean") and herbs collected from five continents of the Earth.

Vitality and Perfecto Lux balms

Global Trend balms and concentrates are unique in composition and includes 189 components, like 40 algae, 4 species of ginseng (including “red Korean”), herbs collected from five continents of the Earth, natural plant-based ubiquinone (coenzyme Q10), which does not collapse in daylight and does not lose its qualities when exposed to high temperature. It should be noted that, despite the strong nutritional properties, the calorie content of products is close to zero.
Vitality and Perfecto Lux balms are innovative products that are a complex of natural antioxidants and contain endogenous compounds that are not synthetic, but natural antioxidants that can actively prevent oxidative chain processes in the body.
Vitality Lux and Perfecto Lux Nano Balms
Perfecto Lux and Vitality Lux Nano Balms

Quality results with BALMS

It is clear that the lack of vitamins and minerals has an extremely negative effect on the health of the body. The heart rate slows down, the functioning of the central nervous system is disrupted, digestive problems begin and the cleansing functions of the kidneys deteriorate. The hair becomes dry, split, grow slowly, the nails become unpleasant in color, exfoliate, break, and the skin becomes gray and uneven. The lack of vitamins negatively affects the condition of the skin, the beauty of the body and overall health.
The use of Global Trend products helps to avoid vitamin deficiency problems. With the daily use of the recommended amount of nano-balms you get so many wonderful benefits. For example, pimples, fine wrinkles disappear, and the skin becomes smooth and smooth.
Nano balm is actually a fuel for the body, which helps to deliver nutrients to every cell of the body, which is undoubtedly the main secret of beauty and longevity. When you regularly use these nutrients, the metabolic processes of the body are fully activated, which improves cell regeneration and, accordingly, has a positive effect on the condition of the skin, nails and hair.
The company's products are an important stimulator of metabolic processes in the body. The regular, daily use of Global Trend products is recommended, which is indispensable for the work of the whole body, its healing and maintaining the body in excellent physical shape.

Nano Balsams Products


  1. SCAN (from 1 to 30 days) - helps to identify diseases and regulates body functions. 
  2. CLEANING - DETOXICATION (from 1 to 30 weeks). The body in this period gets rid of toxins accumulated over the years, from excess fat.
  3. REGULATION (from 1 to 12 months). During the recovery process, different reactions can be observed. This is normal! If the reaction is too strong, reduce the dose.
  4. HEALTH (from 6 to 24 months).
  5. REJUVENATION. The main goal is to restore all functions and systems in the body. The aging process stops.


Vitality Lux and Perfecto Lux balms

NANOBALMES are cell nutrition products

It's goal is to make the body stronger, more energetic, more resilient, to give it full nutrition. The body expands its ability to heal itself.


  • Stronger memory;
  • More strength and energy;
  • Ray mood improvements;
  • Strengthening the general tone;
  • Less stress;
  • Stronger immunity;
  • Organism cleaner inside;
  • Stronger health.

Quality results with BALMS

How will NANOBALSAM help you?

Nano Balmes positive factors, in principle, should not be surprising. They are natural for any quality CELL-based product. Another nice bonus is the reduction of excess weight, from the first weeks of use. You should notice and feel: the gradual disappearance of chronic diseases; raising the level of energy and performance; feelings of disappearance of feelings of constant fatigue; concentration; increased attention and clarity of thought; memory strengthening; disappearance of feelings of anxiety and depression; improvement of mood; detoxification of the body; strengthening the immune system; better sleep; normalization of the digestive tract; normalization of body weight.





Nano Balm Smart Lux

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