Pavlov Spring

is the most unique product for restoring the health of our body at the cellular level.

Pavlov Spring Concentrate

Pavlov Spring Concentrate is the most unique product for restoring the health of our body at the cellular level.
The concentrate contains 189 components from herbs and plants, 250 micro and macro elements, 88 xanthones, coenzyme Q10, youth coenzyme Q10 (water-soluble ubiquinone), which received two Nobel Prizes, and active bio-substances. The full composition of Pavlov Spring is classified and protected by the patent.
The healing effects of the concentrate in its nutritional properties. There is an indispensable healing drink and a powerful means of healing the body. Using the concentrate, we get absolutely everything necessary for the process of purification of our body, like renewal and recreation at the cellular level.
The restoration of body cells regenerates tissues, which, therefore, leads to the improvement of organs and the restoration of health.
The unique water-soluble form of the concentrate has no analogues, is safe, never leading to overdose or side effects.
Pavlov Spring Concentrate

The most unique product of the company

Pavlov Spring concentrate contains 189 plant components in Pavlov Spring together form coenzyme Q10, where coenzyme Q10 (ubiquinone) is the most important component, without Q10 no cells of our body can breathe.
Xanthones are the strongest free radical scavengers that appear in our body every minute and lead to illness and death.
Pavlov Spring contains 88 xanthones - this is the maximum amount that no product from other manufacturers can present. Coenzyme Q10 in combination with 88 xanthones is essential for the body to destroy free radicals, the presence of which leads to a lack of energy, disorders, diseases and premature aging of the body.
Pavlov Spring gives the cells of the body strength, helping to reduce the number of free radicals to a minimum.

contains active bio-substances

The uniqueness of the formula created by coenzyme Q10, a water-soluble ubiquinone, in the absence of the fatty amino acids Omega 3 and Omega 6, which makes it resistant to sunlight, temperature increase, or freezing.
Resveratrol contained in the concentrate - natural phytoalexin, gives youth to blood vessels and tissues, has a strong anti-inflammatory, antioxidant effect and is highly regarded for its antitumor properties.
Clinical studies have proven the effectiveness of Pavlov Spring Concentrate in maintaining the cardiovascular system.
The use of concentrate stimulates the work of the organs of the body, balances the functions of our body, helps it to function as a single holistic system that is not subject to negative influences from the outside.
Just by drinking water with Pavlov Spring concentrate, we give our body everything we need in order to raise and maintain our body healthy, young, full of energy and beauty.
Pavlov Spring has passed clinical studies and received the necessary patents.





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